Editor page is loading endlessly


I have installed OnlyOffice document server via docker. This time I map 8080:443 port. I have used internal domain and install SSL certificate.

I followed this guide: Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for Docker on a local server - ONLYOFFICE

I could open onlyoffice welcome page smoothly. But when I try to open editor page from example page, it takes forever to load.

I have no clue why it is taking forever. I didn’t find any logs that help me here.

If you want a specific log, I can share.

From browser this message prompts comes time to time:

The connection is too slow, some of the components could not be loaded. Please reload the page.

From google chrome browser console:

Uncaught Error: Load timeout for modules: app
Common Errors
at makeError (VM258 require.js:12:1784)
at M (VM258 require.js:12:7862)
at VM258 require.js:12:8060

I would be glad if someone assist me here to resolve this.


  1. Please provide Document Server logs as an archive file: /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver (inside the container)
  2. Did you install the latest 8.0.1 Document Server version?
  3. Are there any other errors in the Console?
  4. Please send us a video reproduction with Network and Console tabs of browser’s DevTools opened