Editor crashes when opening xlsx file

Здравствуйте! При попытке открыть таблицу с диаграммами Microsoft Office получаю ошибку как на скриншоте.
Данная таблица свободно открывается в Microsoft Office и LibreOffice, но в OnlyOffice - нет.

Таблица с которой возникает проблема не прикладывается из-за ограничений на форуме.

Hello @d.raev
Please use English, so it is the official language of this forum. As far as I understand, Desktop Editors shows the error while you are trying to open file with chart which was made in MS Office.

Could you please provide us with this file, so we are able to check it out. You can place it to an external storage and provide us with a download link.


Thank you! We are checking the situation. I will update this post, when we get any result.

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We reproduced the issue and we added a bug to internal tracklist (bug number - 55617).
We have started working on it.

Good afternoon. Is there a timeline for fixing this bug?

Hello @d.raev
Sorry, I cannot provide you with timeframes at the moment. We are focusing on the next release these days, so the mentioned bug probably won’t be fixed in the next version of Document Server.
When I get any news about this bug, i will update this post.

Understood. When is the next version expected to be released?

I hope it will be released very soon. Probably at the start of March. Sorry, I cannot provide you with exact timeline.