Editing documents while being edited by user

What happens when the DocumentBuilder executes changes on a .docx file while human users are actively editing it? Does DocumentBuilder act as a “virtual user” acting on the same document?

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Hello @CharlesGD

If you are talking about stand-alone version of Document Builder and locally edited documents, then in your scenario it won’t be able to save the document. You can open a file locally with, for instance, Desktop Editors, then try applying .docbuilder script on the opened file. Result will be something like that:

> docbuilder sample.docbuilder
error: : save file error (80)

If it is about Web Document Builder API, then it will download the file locally and after executing provided script will also return a link to the resulting document as per mentioned article:

The .docbuilder file contains the script used to generate the output document file (text document, spreadsheet or presentation), specifies the output file format and name. Once the document generation is ready, the response with the absolute URL to the resulting file will be returned

In none of these scenarios Document Builder acts like a virtual user.