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Editing doc with a nextcloud shared link

When I want to share a doc via a link with nextcloud (with modify right), the doc can’t be modified. It’s opened in read only mode for unconnected persons.

Is there somewhere (nextcloud or onlyoffice) parameters to changed in config files ?

Nextcloud : version 21.04/deb install
Type of installation of the Document Server : last version document server/deb install
OS: Ubuntu 20.04


Could you please provide us with a link to any file with editing rights by performing the actions shown on the attached screenshot?

Best regards.
Allow editing check box disappears when I move to another function in nextcloud
I forgot that IP are filtered. So it’s possible you can’t access to my server

Problem solved : set a parameter in nextcloud

Could you please specify the parameter you used? It will be helpful to other users who might encounter a similar issue.

Sorry but I don’t remember yet. I will try to find wich parameter it was …