Edit Shortcut Keys

How do I change/edit shortcut keys in OnlyOffice Spreadsheets. I have to press the FN+F2 keys to edit a cell currently, however I’d like to press the ENTER key instead. How can I do this please?

I’m using ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (x64 exe package) on Windows 10 Pro

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Hello @jsubramoney

Sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the hotkeys in the current version of the editors.

Have you encountered editors where user is able to modify hotkeys?

I have the same issue. I edited shortcuts in Microsoft Word to apply text style. I am looking to switch from Word but this feature is really important to me.

Hello @Dritz

Sorry for the late reply.
Please tell us how did you changed those keys? Are we talking about default key combinations or custom ones?

No worries !

These are custom ones
I edited styles in the “Styles” ribbon

Then, I bound the syles to shortcuts
ctrl + 0 for my base style
ctrl + 1 for red style etc…

Hello @Dritz @jsubramoney

Based on this suggestion we have created an enhancement number 48987 to add possibility to set custom key combinations in one of the future versions of our editors.

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Any update on this, is there any workaround for this? Is there any plugin for this? We are using document editor version

Hello @madan

Unfortunately, there is no update on this available yet.

Hello! Any news on this suggestion? I was looking to assign Ctrl+ :arrow_down: as a keyboard shortkey to move to the next paragraph.

Hello @Dan1G

No news yet, unfortunately.

I can see there is an enhancement request on GitHub for this feature: The ability to add user defined keyboard shortcuts · Issue #1197 · ONLYOFFICE/DocumentServer · GitHub

Unfortunately, there seems to be no ETA for implementation (as of Dec 7, 2023).
I sure miss this feature in Document Editor. I use Headings all the time. I can use default assignments for Headinsg 1-3 (Alt+1 through Alt+3), but I would need more (at least Heading 4 and Normal).