Easy way for portal admin to reset passwords for user

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I am the admin for an onlyoffice Business account that is used for the Mail & Document related work within a small to medium non-profit org. Since we did not want to send out internal documents to (poorly maintained) private mail accounts, every of our board members is registered in the portal with a mail address that is hosted on the onlyoffice platform.

Occasionally a member forgets his password and I need to be able to reset it. Unfortunately I can not change it directly but only send a mail to do so to the users internal mail address (which is not accessible at this moment…).
So I need to change the contact address first, then send the mail and change it back again.

==> Is there an easy way of resetting someones password as an admin? Would it be an option to add that possibility for the portal admin?
I imagine the option to set a password when clicking the “change Password” option in the persons-module.
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Hoping for your input on how to do it right or someone who’d like to tackle this issue with a pull request! :slight_smile:
Best regards,

Hi @Pixelmonster

At the moment, there is no easier way to reset the password with the help of an administrator.

Your proposal will be discussed with my colleagues :ok_hand:

Hi Nikolas,
Thank you very much for your answer and taking ist with you to the meeting. Please let me know if I can support you here.
I‘d really appreciate a solution that works better with the way we work with Onlyoffice Cloud.


Hello @Pixelmonster
If you don’t mind, I will join this thread too.
We have discussed this case and we have started working on your suggestion (we are going to add a simple way reset users’ password by administration).
The workaround solution at the moment is probably connecting the external mail aggregator. Probably it will help in such scenarios.

We will update this thread when we have something to share. Sorry for inconvenience.

Hi Alexandre,
thanks for joining this thread and giving an update! I’m really happy to hear!

I will look into your suggested workaround, too. I guess this will work in cases where the user did not change the initial password for the mail account (and doesn’t do so in the future before forgetting his passwords). As far as I see there is no way I can prevent the user from changing the mail password / mail settings (I guess our case that we want to keep our user & data within the portal as far as possible is not the standard).


I understand your concerns. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to offer right now (probably another workaround solution is changing email address of user). However, I suggest waiting until we implement proper feature for password resetting. I will update this thread when we have something to share.