E2ee collaborative editing in NextCloud

Hi there,

Does end-to-end encrypted co-editing work in desktop editors when files are stored in Nextcloud?

I saw this statement from the 2019 e2ee blog post:

Currently, the end-to-end encrypted co-editing is available for ONLYOFFICE solution only. You can store the encrypted documents on ownCloud or Nextcloud, but not collaborate on them in real-time.

However I can’t tell if it means co-editing is not available in Nextcloud UI, or not available at all when stored on Nextcloud.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @alexsapps

Unfortunately, Desktop Editors do not support E2E encryption when working on a document from Nextcloud. This type of encryption is only available in Private Rooms, i.e. when connected to ONLYOFFICE Workspace. You can take a look at this article about Private Rooms:

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