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E-mail (imap) is not marked as read when received on another software

I have onlyoffice

When I receive couple of e-mails on the phone with mail app like outlook and mark all of them as readed and then I am logging to Onlyoffice e-mail all of thiese e-mails are still marked as not readed.

They should be readed already on onlyoffice.

Why? Is it a bug/setting or what?

Hello @dominiaz
ONLYOFFICE Mail includrs 2 components: Mail Aggregator and Mail Server.
Mail Aggregator is the service that collects email messages from other mailboxes - used when you create a Mail Account (usually used for common services: gmail, outlook, yahoo etc.)
Mail Aggregator don’t support IMAP syncronization. It means, that none of the actions performed in our client are transferred to the source server and vice versa, with the only exception: a sent message is placed to the “Sent” folder on the server.

Imap syncronization is very usefull function. All other workspaces from other companies have that function (Zimbra, Open-Xchange, NextCloud, etc.). Are you planning to add function in the future?

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Hello @dominiaz

Unfortunately, there is no plans to add IMAP synchronization for Mail Aggregator.

I ran into the exact same problem.
I add that in addition to not marking the email already read from other sources, it also continues to show the emails that are deleted on the server, it follows that every time I clean up by deleting junk mail, I have to repeat the same procedure also on Onlyoffice and vice versa.
As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t make any sense or use to use the “Mail Aggregator” service as it is.
It is practically useless and only generates confusion among users.
For the moment I have disabled this feature and will only re-enable it in case it is updated to the IMAP protocol.

Hello @maxbon
Please provide us with additional information about the situation:

  1. Let us know component versions of your Workspace installation (Community server, Control Panel, etc.)
  2. If it’s possible, please reproduce the situations and make videofile.
  3. Do you use your own Mail server or some Mail service (for example, Yahoo, Gmail)?

S.O .: Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Latest version of Onlyoffice Workspace Community ( installed via script without Docker and without mail server.

Corporate mailboxes are managed by a third-party Linux Server to which it is possible to connect via IMAPS and SMTPS protocol.

The main mail client used by users is Mozilla Thunderbird, which is used for all the most common operations.

I have also configured the same Email boxes on Onlyoffice to facilitate users during the operations of adding attachments residing on Onlyoffice. Through Thunderbird, in fact, it is not possible to directly access the documents found on Onlyoffice.

The mail aggregator currently used by Onlyoffice is not good because it always keeps showing me all the messages already read or deleted from Thunderbiard and therefore also from the mail server.

It would be appropriate, as among other things suggested by Dominiaz, that the current function of mail aggregator was replaced with a system similar to that used by other software such as: Zimbra, Open-Xchange, NextCloud, etc.

Thank you.

Thank you for clarification.
We are constantly improving Mail module and we are planning to сontinue it. We’re sorry you got that impression.
We take into account all wishes in further development.

thanks to you for the prompt reply.
I have only approached Onlyoffice for a few months and I am very enthusiastic about its potential.
I chose to use Onlyoffice to replace Alfresco, which for some years has become too expensive and complex to manage at the system level.
I hope my choice to upgrade to Onlyoffice Workspace is spot on and won’t leave me disappointed.
Thank you.

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