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E-mail (imap) is not marked as read when received on another software

I have onlyoffice

When I receive couple of e-mails on the phone with mail app like outlook and mark all of them as readed and then I am logging to Onlyoffice e-mail all of thiese e-mails are still marked as not readed.

They should be readed already on onlyoffice.

Why? Is it a bug/setting or what?

Hello @dominiaz
ONLYOFFICE Mail includrs 2 components: Mail Aggregator and Mail Server.
Mail Aggregator is the service that collects email messages from other mailboxes - used when you create a Mail Account (usually used for common services: gmail, outlook, yahoo etc.)
Mail Aggregator don’t support IMAP syncronization. It means, that none of the actions performed in our client are transferred to the source server and vice versa, with the only exception: a sent message is placed to the “Sent” folder on the server.

Imap syncronization is very usefull function. All other workspaces from other companies have that function (Zimbra, Open-Xchange, NextCloud, etc.). Are you planning to add function in the future?

Hello @dominiaz

Unfortunately, there is no plans to add IMAP synchronization for Mail Aggregator.