Duplicate files when changing permissions

I am having problems when assigning permissions either in folders or files, because when changing from full access to read-only they are appearing outside the main folder and in the subfolder where it belongs, to understand a little more the inconveniences, perform the following diagrams:

  1. Administrator profile
  2. As an example, put the folder leader with the respective permissions

    3.3. Finally, it is the profile of a coordinator where he has access only to some subfolders and some documents

At the top of each subfolder and document place the permissions that were assigned.
After assigning permissions for case 3 of the C&M coordinator profile, it appears as follows:

Documents are appearing outside the subfolder COP C&M - COORDINACION and when I enter they are also inside my folder

Could you tell me how I can solve it

Hello @NathalySuarez_25
We are checking the situation, I’ll update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @NathalySuarez_25
Sorry for the late reply.

The described scenario is expected behavior if folders owner shares subfolder first. For example, three folders: main folder ‘A’ contains subfolder ‘B’, subfolder ‘B’ contains subfolder ‘C’. With that structure, if a user shares ‘C’ folder first, a user will face described issue (it’s related to portal logic of checking objects rights)
We have added your request to internal tracksystem (internal number - 59630). We have started working on it.

Hello @Alexandre,

Exactly and it also happens when you change from permission to full access for read only or vice versa, I’m attentive to the update.

Hello @Alexandre ,
Could you tell me if you have an approximate date of when you could launch this adjustment?

Hello @NathalySuarez_25

Unfortunately, there is no estimated date of the fix release.

Hello @Constantine ,
Could you tell me if you have an approximate date of when you could launch this adjustment?

Hello again @NathalySuarez_25

Unfortunately, we do not have any time frames available yet.

I would like to know if this problem has already been resolved to update to the latest version

Hello @NathalySuarez_25

Unfortunately, the issue is not resolved yet. Once I get any news of that, I will surely inform you.