Drop-dow list allowing multiple selections

It would be great to add in ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor an option in the creation of drop-down lists form to allow multiple selections. Sometimes the field requires indeed several inputs instead of a unique and exclusive value.
Note : This issue also concerns Excel and can be solved by adding some VBA code (see for instance How to create multi-select drop down list in Excel).
Having the feature natively implemented in Onlyoffice would be great (eg checkbox “multiple selections allowed”) and would avoid JS scripting :wink:
Thanks in advance for your feedback !

Hello @bdelat
We need some time to check this request. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @bdelat
We have started working on your suggestion. Thank you for your idea! I will update this thread when we implement it.

Thank you very much for these efforts!

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Hopefully you can select multiple items by holding Ctrl (and selecting a range of items by holding Ctrl + Shift). Having the dialog disappear requiring you to open it again for each item is tedious and time-consuming. All elements of added tediousness creates workflow “friction” which makes people want to avoid using such features and avoid certain use-cases. :slight_smile: When features are quick and intuitive to use and covers different situations, that’s when they are adopted by users.

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately the “ctrl” function does not work in my case. In the list, only the last selection performed (while pressing the ctrl key) is selected and the previous item selected is discarded.

Yeah, it’s not implemented so I wrote that I hope they implement it. :slight_smile: It’s something I’ve noticed other places as well, having to re-open a dialog again and again. It really slows down the workflow and makes you just avoid the feature.

Oups… sorry for the misunderstanding @Eudyptula.
Re-opening the dialog box is of course a payload but if it allows at the end multiple selections I’ll be happy with that!

Just to update this thread. We are still working on the mentioned suggestion. I will post additional information, when we have something to share.

Keep in touch.