Drop-dow list allowing multiple selections

It would be great to add in ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor an option in the creation of drop-down lists form to allow multiple selections. Sometimes the field requires indeed several inputs instead of a unique and exclusive value.
Note : This issue also concerns Excel and can be solved by adding some VBA code (see for instance How to create multi-select drop down list in Excel).
Having the feature natively implemented in Onlyoffice would be great (eg checkbox “multiple selections allowed”) and would avoid JS scripting :wink:
Thanks in advance for your feedback !

Hello @bdelat
We need some time to check this request. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @bdelat
We have started working on your suggestion. Thank you for your idea! I will update this thread when we implement it.

Thank you very much for these efforts!

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