Draw smoothing and settings etc

Please add a function of optional scale from 0% to 100% for smoothing manual drawing (pen, brush) in the “Draw” section - I think the function is called bezier curve. In this level it distorts the originality of the drawing too much and makes e.g. hand signatures etc. less valuable.

The function could be preferably in the main bar on up (next to the icons for selecting the drawing tool) or in the right sidebar for settings and could be either numeric or as a slider.

I am addressing this with the Firefox developers, who have acknowledged the validity of the suggestion and promised to change it. I have also reported this to the LibreOffice developers - I haven’t checked whether they have added the possibility to set the aggressiveness of the smoothing.

Also, it would be good to have the right panel for settings active as soon as the drawing is made and not after the drawing is selected and has to be selected again. Likewise, there could be a nice option for inserting a drawing of a figure (ready-made pictures from the shape menu) rather than having to make a drawing first and then change it to a figure after triple marking (see above).

Hello @Ventero

We are taking look at these suggestions. I will update the thread once I get any news on them.

It would also be great to add an area selection feature (hold left mouse button and drag to select) like everywhere else. This way, when I make a composite sketch (like the hand signature), I have to move it in pieces and hit the connections, which is not very good because the movement is very coarse (many pixels) - that’s another thing that should be improved.

But most importantly please allow to scale that bezier smoothing.

First of all, we registered two suggestions to implement selection of a drawing after finishing it and setting that will allow to smoothing parameters to a drawing. These enhancements will be implemented in future releases of Desktop Editors.

As for the “area selection feature”: can you provide a demo of it for better understanding of it?

Normally - somewhere in the document, when something is drawn, you left-click there, it’s held down and dragged. This selects an area that can then be erased or moved to another place. The way it is now, you have to hit it exactly, and that’s not always possible - it’s a very uncomfortable control in that drawing section. As on the pictures - eg. MS Paint app or other paint app.

I see now what you are referring to, but Desktop Editors are not quite graphical editors such as Paint and I’m not sure how this selection method can be convenient for document editing application. Have you seen any editors, e.g. MS Word, LibreOffice, etc, where such feature is implemented?

Sure. LO has a very sophisticated Draw.
However, here it is the most basic function, which has nothing to do with drawing as such - area selection is absolutely basic and no advanced graphics. As for the specific example I gave - if I insert an element (arrow, handwritten signature) like this, it is almost impossible to hit it exactly - have any of you tried it? Especially the signature using the mouse needs to be made bigger on the free space first, and then only shrink and move. That’s why it’s important to be able to move this element. And likewise, for the fidelity of the signature or other artwork, you need to be able to scale the bezier - at the same time it’s not smoothing, but it’s deforming.
No quantum science :slight_smile:

Try to trust me a bit, like the Firefox developers - it was my suggestion to include basic PDF editing in the browser, and as soon as MS introduced this feature in Edge, they expanded it even more, and now they’re slathering promo on it.
I’ve been in discussions with them too about scaling bezier and the latest status was that it’s on the roadmap.

Anyway, thank you for dealing with this and overall for your work on a super replacement for the bundled and expensive MS Office and the unnecessarily large and complex LibreOffice for the average user.

I was looking at the LibreOffice bugreport now and there are many complaints about aggressive smoothing / bezier and the impossibility of scaling it from off to maximum, with the last remark that some extra megabyte or computing power doesn’t matter anymore. There are at least 3 threads on this. Firefox developers have also promised to implement this. After all, it can’t be a problem, if it is a single numeric value in the code (this is how someone from the Mozilla team explained it to me and showed me the part of their JS code where it is), to make a box to write a number or a slider on it.

The created object can be moved and resized everywhere…

Hello, @Ventero

New information has been received regarding your suggestions, and since Konstantin is currently unavailable, I will describe it.

Your suggestion for highlighting the drawing has been reviewed!

Due to various use cases of the ‘Draw’ tool, such as underlining words in a document and drawing not just one, but multiple objects, highlighting the last drawn object could lead to confusion.
It has been decided not to change the current behavior of the ‘Draw’ tool.

The rest of the suggestions are currently under review. Thank you for your initiative!