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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Dragging inserted image does not work [Linux Fedora 37, 64bit]

I am not quite sure if this is a bug or not. However, to reproduce it, place an image in a document and then try to move it. It steadfastly stays where the cursor was and does not want to be dragged to a new location.
OS version: Linux, Fedora 37, 64 bit
App version: (rpm package)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hello @Adriano55
I’m trying to reproduce the issue on my Fedora test machine. Would you mind reproducing the issue and make a videofile?

Thank you. Did you have time to test this? If so, what was the outcome?
Anyhow, you can reproduce it quite easily. Here is also a clip as requested.

By the way:

  1. This function works in both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice [latest versions]; and
  2. Moving the selected image in a fine-tune manner, ie, little by little, by holding down the Alt key and using the arrow keys also does not work…

Hello @Adriano55
Thank you for the videofile!
I’ve reproduced the situation, we are looking into it. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @Adriano55
We figured out the situation. The described issue is related to text wrapping feature. Please take a look at this title: Change the text wrapping - ONLYOFFICE
You can change wrapping style, so image will be movable.

Hi there,
Thank you. I can see that.
Can you tell me if this is a workaround or it is built in by design, please?
[I do not have access to alternative office applications right now, but from experience the user should not be concerned about moving a selected image as such?]
Thanks again.

Hello @Adriano55
I’ve contacted colleagues of mine, they confirmed that described situation is expected behavior. The workaround solution is changing wrapping style.
Sorry for inconvenience.