"Don't add interval between paragraphs of the same style" setting not saving

The “don’t add interval between paragraphs of the same style” setting does not save, either per document or globally. It will respect the setting per paragraph, as long as the document stays open, but as soon as it’s saved, closed, and re-opened, it’s reset.
I’m assuming this is not the intended behavior.
if it is, it should be changed. The setting should also be respected per document, not per paragraph. It’s annoying constantly having to keep an eye on the tick box while writing.

OS version: Arch Linux
App version: (appimage)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

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Hello, @MissBrae01 :handshake:
May I ask you to attach a screen record demonstrating the scenario to reproduce the issue?

Ah… I found the problem.
“Don’t add interval between paragraphs of the same style” doesn’t save in OpenDocument format. It works as expected when saving as DOCX.
I’m guessing ODF doesn’t support saving said setting at all, and as such, OnlyOffice cannot be blamed.

Maybe DOCX should be marked as “preferred”? Because to the average user, it is not obvious that ODF has less functionality than DOCX. As a proponent of FOSS, I was inclined to choose the non-proprietary file format. Making it obvious which one is more functional would save other users from this unnecessary hassle.


When creating a file, desktop editors opening .docx, .pptx, and .xlsx files. Perhaps you have any ideas on how to make this more user-friendly? We would appreciate any suggestions you may have!

We have a convenient table regarding the opening of documents in our editor: Supported Formats of Electronic Documents