Doesn't accept keyboard input at all in Ubuntu 23.10

I installed on Ubuntu 23.10 using snap. No keyboard input detected whatsoever. I uninstalled and reinstalled via the DEB package. Same issue. This is US keyboard layout on a DELL Inspiron laptop. Keyboard works fine on everything else except OnlyOffice.
OO version is (deb)

Also, as a side note, while poking around, I noticed there doesn’t seem to be a way to choose between printers.

Hey @nickt1968 :wave:

Are you using any kind of program that automatically switches keyboard layouts depending on the text you’re typing?

No it was a totally clean and brand new installation of Ubuntu 23.10 with US keyboard layout only. I’ve actually downgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and OO v7.5.1 works perfectly.

After poking around on the internet looking for solutions, I found that several people are having trouble with the latest versions and certain keyboard layouts. The issue seems to be with a third-party library that the program uses and some of the issues/posts were fairly old–so I assumed it could take a while before the issue is fixed.

However, I think it’s very important for the software producers to know that there is definitely an ongoing issue.

Thank you for providing information about the issue! :handshake:
I appreciate your participation and for sharing your experience. I’ll pass this information along to our team.

@nickt1968 :saluting_face:
Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the issue on version Ubuntu 23.10.1 with OnlyOffice Desktop.
Input is functioning correctly.

Yes that’s very weird! When I get a chance, I might set up a 23.10 virtual machine and see if it works there. Like I said, it was a totally brand new clean install on a Dell laptop. I believe the only other apps I had installed prior to OO was Chromium browser, GIMP and Inkscape. Perhaps a dependency from one of those caused the issue. Although, after doing thorough internet searches on the issue, I seemed to be the only person having issues with English keyboard layout.

Thank you, @nickt1968 :handshake:

Guys, if you have anything similar on Ubuntu 23.10, be sure to write in this topic.