Does ONLYOFFICE accommodate printing mailing labels?

I stumbled on ONLYOFFICE because I am migrating away from the hated Windows 11 to Linux and testing the waters. So far the suite seems like an excellent and faithful reproduction of MS Office with none of the bloated baggage.

However, try as I might, I cannot locate any reference or help or guidance on how to create mailing or address (or similar) label documents. Is it a wizard like Office? Does ONLYOFFICE support this? The only – even remote – reference I could find was a 2022 request for labels support.

Appreciate any guidance.

Hello @k6whp

Can you please provide a link to the MS documentation on creating and printing labels for better understanding of the feature?

Can you share the found source for reference?

This is common knowledge and appears in MS Word from [at least] 2003 up through the present version. This functionality appears also in LibreOffice. It is implemented by means of a dialog box that performs the functionality as outlined in this succinct YouTube video:

There are an abundance of similar videos that can be found to fill in any design or implementation questions you may have. You will note that this would be most easily implemented by modeling MS Word because of the similarity of your menuing to theirs.

As for the source, please search for “address labels in ONLYOFFICE”, etc.

While I realize your product is freeware to a certain audience (and for that I am grateful), I am surprised you have not implemented it in your product as this would be a MUST for any corporate/paying customers.

If you need a workaround, I would recommend creating a labels page (again, see the video) of the label style required and save it as a document ~~ i.e. “Avery 5061.docx”, etc. Then subsequent skillful editing would allow a user to print a whole sheet or selective labels on a page. I would recommend, in that case, that you consult the LibreOffice dialog box functionality.

In parting, I sadly note that your app and LibreOffice do not support MS Word’s ability to tab between or select a block of labels with the tab key. The clumsiness with which your app and LibreOffice negotiates this task is regrettable but I am mindful (and not ungrateful) that you both are producing freeware and have done a magnificent job in doing so.

Thank you.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, such functionality is not yet implemented in the editors, however, the suggestion on it is already registered, your request was added to it. It will be implemented in one of the future releases of editors.

It would be nice to have a test document or at least video of this behavior so we can reproduce it to analyze in details. Having both test file and a video would be perfect.

I am not sure what you mean by a “test document” and video. A video is out of the question. I cannot take the time to “upload” the files. Were I you and serious about implementing this – you all seem not to be – I would start by examining the MS Word and LibreOffice implementation of their labels dialog as I recommended . If you wish to have me assist you, my rates are US$100 per hour and I can send you my resume of 45 years as an analyst and software developer and we can go from there.

Thank you,

W. H. Phinizy
Fountain Valley, California

We are trying to assist everyone on this forum but sometimes we require additional information in order to analyze an issue in most details. In such cases, we are asking users to provide a test document with exact demonstration of the issue to run the tests on our end, this would help us to avoid situations when user scenario is misunderstood. Currently, I’d kindly ask you to share a document and/or a video that can be analyzed for described issue on improper switch between the labels with Tab key.

With that said, if you do not want to provide any further details, I will consider closing the thread since original question was already answered.