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Does not allow opening files with weight greater than 100 MB

Please help me with the following concern, I uploaded an xlsx file that weighs 143.83 MB, when trying to open the file it shows me the following message:
File larger than 100 MB will not be edited.
How could I fix it?

Hello @NathalySuarez_25

In the web.appsettings.config config file located in /var/www/onlyoffice/WebStudio/web.appsettings.config you have to paste next string:

<add key = "web.available-file-size" value = "524288000" />

where value defines the size of the opened file in bytes.

After making any changes to the config file please execute next command to restart the service and to apply the changes systemctl restart monoserve

Hello @Constantine,
Thanks for your answer, but since I acquired the Onlyoffice installation through the DigitalOcean marketplace, I don’t have the possibility to access the code, everything is managed from the Workspace and the community server, in this case, what could be done to change the validation of the code? weight of the files is greater than 100 MB

Unfortunately, there is no other way to increase file size limit other than this.

The instruction requires access not to the code but to the config file. If you have have access to the terminal, then you can proceed to the instruction.
In case you do not know how to access terminal, you can ask one on the DigitalOcean’s " Questions & Answers" page:

thanks for the awesome information.