Documentserver respond with http instead of https

Hello OnlyOffice team,

I am currently using the OnlyOffice Document Server for Windows, which I installed using the exe on a Windows Server. For its client, I have utilized the Spring Boot sample project provided on this page: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Example.

I have successfully configured both the Document Server and its client (Spring Boot project) on an HTTPS domain. However, I have encountered an issue where the Document Server is returning an HTTP URL for the frame instead of HTTPS. As a result, I am encountering the error mentioned in the image below.

Hello @ajay
Please check out file and let us know what address have you specified for parameter. Also please let us know if Document server is available via https at the moment. How exactly did you switch server to https? Have you followed this guide Switching ONLYOFFICE Docs for Windows to HTTPS protocol - ONLYOFFICE ?