Documentserver change my jwt token

Do you want to:acrroding onlyoffice document,send http request to documentserver to request my file with edif config ,but the document server know my requst with token ,when the document callback my private appilication process with token ,i find the broswer client token and document callback token is diffrent token,the client secrity key and local.json secritykey is all the same , like this
local.json :

my private process secrity key :

i hope my broswer client requst token and the document server callback token all the same.
becuase all the token must avaliable borth on the document server and my privateApplication. on my application i can got local login info.

Document Server version:7.2
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
Browser version:chrome


Could you please describe your request more precisely and specify the issue you are experiencing?

this is all the communication img between my application and the document server:

the problem :sweat_smile:
1:generator token of jwt web type is A and the document server can verify this token,the server has to local my file by the configuration item.
2.when i edit this doc ,the document server will be communication my app ,use config callback url ,but my app recive B token ,not A token,so my app to verify this token ,this token is bad token @Carl that all.

I still don’t quite understand the issue as you are talking about different tokens.
You sign the document editor initialization config with a token:

The document server signs its replies to the callback handler with a token:

Of course these tokens will be different as they have a different payload.