Documents version problem after Onlyoffice and Nextcloud upgrade


I had onlyoffice server 6.0 community builded from source intgrated with Nextcloud
At friday Nextcloud was upgraded to latest stable (22) and refused to operate with my onlyoffice server. It showed me message “version not supported”.

I Had to spin up termporary onlyoffice 7.0 in docker. Then I’ve build from sources new 7.0 server. I have my psql database upgraded. Later I changed docker version with newly built one. And it worked. But some of my documents lost changes from previous months.

Is there a way to restore whose changes?

Document Server version: 7.0
Type of installation of the Document Server (sources)
OS: CentOS Linux release 8.2.2004
Browser version: chrome latest

Hello, @mmxland

If you’ve configured to store the /var/lib/onlyoffice directory outside of the Document Server container and still have that data somewhere on the server, you could check the ./onlyoffice/DocumentServer/lib/documentserver/App_Data/cache/ for the missing files.

Note that it would be difficult to find specific documents there since the files are only listed by their IDs.

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Thanks a lot!

I’ve managed to find my missing files in App_Data/cache/forgotten

Serge, you are my savior!