Document version history no longer saving in Liferay OnlyOffice docs

We currently are using the OnlyOffice connector for Liferay and it is all running on a CentOS server. We recently updated our SSL certificates with the renewed versions and after doing so version history stopped functioning in all of our documents after that date. We’ve searched through the directories in the server to find a missing expired certificate or a log that could lead us in the right direction. We can update and work on documents as well as download them, however the version history is not saving to any kind of long term storage and we have had to work around this.

Hello @BShaver
Please provide us with additional details:

  1. versions of Document server, Liferay, connector app.
  2. Please reproduce the issue and make screenshots or videofile. We need exact issue scenario, step-by-step.

Currently we are using the 6.1.0 version of the Document Server, Liferay Community Edition Portal 7.3.5 CE GA6, and the 1.1 connector app.

When I edit a document via OnlyOffice Edit and it no longer saves the version to version history. It used to do this automatically without a need to check documents in and out, and it does not save version history after checking documents back in either. I can only attach one image to a post at a time. I edited that document today and checked it in to show that no new version was created.

These are really old versions of Document server and connector app. Is it possible to update them to current ones? Current versions are Document server v.7.1.1 and connector app v.2.2.0. Both of them support Liferay 7.3.
I believe we should start with update process to check if the issue still persists on latest versions.
NB! We recommend to prepare whole server backup before update process.

Thank you, it looks like getting the document server updated was what we needed

We are glad that the issue is solved.