Document movable column

When I add a movable column in libreoffice writer and convert that to a docx and open it in onlyoffice I can resize and move the column divider, but when I create one without libreoffice it doesn’t have the move functionality, how can I get this without the workaround?

Hello @katze
Would you mind pointing us to the mentioned feature in LibreOffice and provide us with example of test file where situation reproduces? Also please provide us with situation description (step-by-step, you can make videofile or screenshots).

Video: Onlyoffice test

So when I open the docx with Onlyoffice it works, but after resetting the column divider I can’t move it anymore.

Thank you for videofile, we are checking the situation.

Hello @katze
We have checked described scenario and we added a bug to internal tracksystem (internal number - 59348).
We have started working on it.

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Hi @Alexandre
Any update on this issue? Found out that you can move it with the left or right columns option but then doing the same thing as before it resets to the “two columns” and that makes it immovable again.

I made another video here.

Hello @katze
Glad to see you again and thank you for the new video file. I believe we’re on the finish line. The mentioned bug(59348) will be fixed with v.7.4 (next version).

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Hi @katze

I am writing to inform you that we have already released a new version 7.4 of the Document Server and Desktop Editors.

  • Add advanced settings for columns (suggestion 59348)

Super appreciate all the work you guys did, works super great.

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