Document mobile: can't find the sort icon

Android 14
Document Editor

To sort your data:

  1. Select a range of cells you wish to sort.
  2. Tap the Insert object icon at the top toolbar, to open the new object insertion panel.
  3. Switch to the Insert additional item tab.
  4. Select the Sort and Filter Sort and Filter option.
  5. Tap one of the icons:Sort in ascending order - to sort your data in ascending order - A to Z alphabetically or smallest to largest for numerical data.Sort in descending order - to sort your data in descending order - Z to A alphabetically or largest to smallest for numerical data.

Problem: In the “+” menu, … section drop down, I can not find the “Sort and Filter” option.
eraseme.docx (25.1 KB)

The sort function can be found here for ONLYOFFICE Documents Android App (see the screenshot)

I am not seeing it. My wife looked too. Neither one of us could find it.

By chance does it not work in a table?

What is the format of the document being opened? From the screenshot you provided we can see that the file is opened in document editor, not in spreadsheet editor (the corresponding menu is the menu for document editor files). The above-mentioned function is available in spreadsheet editor

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Thank explains it. Thank you.

When I see/hear “Document”, I always think “word processor”, not “spreadsheet”. I am still getting use to the new terminology.

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