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Document key length

Document Server version: 7.4
Type of installation of the Document Server: docker
OS: Ubuntu

I’m integrating onlyoffice with a web app. I have some confusion about the document key.
In the docs it is stated that it can be 20 characters long or be the the same as the url and be up to 128 characters long.

Given that the current document version has the following as its “version” uuid:

Does this mean i can have the following config?

  document: {
    key: "",
    url: "",

Would be valid?

Hello @bnjamin

Please pay attention to the note about document.key:

The key characters can be used: 0-9 , a-z , A-Z , -._= . The maximal key length is 20 characters.

All other characters cannot be used. In your case : and /.

Thanks for the reply. However I’m still confused

What does the note about the url as the key then mean?

The document url can be used as the key but without the special characters and the length is limited to 128 symbols

It means that, basically, you can use your document.url as the key with limit up to 128 characters but without special characters, i.e. the ones that I’ve mentioned in my previous message: