Document Editor seems to be removing the content controls around table rows

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I uploaded a document onto the document editor, the document has a table and multiple rows. Table rows are wrapped around content controls and columns as well. After I downloaded it again and I tried to see the XML content, content controls around table rows are gone.

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Document Server version:
OS: MacOS Big Sur v11.6.7
Browser version: Chrome Version 103.0.5060.134


Hello @agamdev
Could you please provide us with a file where the issue reproduces (mentioned testing_doc.docx)? Also please let us know where this file was created originally (MS, ONLYOFFICE, other editor).

Hi @Alexandre Please find the attached document which was used to test

It was created using openxml Tool. Let me know in case

Hello @agamdev
Sorry for the late reply.
I have downloaded the test file and I’m trying to compare it in different editors (our editor and MS). As far as I see, file contains content controls. Please describe the issue in details.

Has this been resolved? In fact can you add ContentControls w/ the ContentControlType set to 3 ( row content control)? Last I tried, I couldn’t add such content controls (use case is marking a specific table row w/ a Content Control)

I can reproduce this in the latest version of OnlyOffice.
I created a document in Microsoft Word, selected a row and clicked the Insert Rich Text Content Control button

This then created a new content control that only wraps the table row

Upon importing this document in OnlyOffice, this content control is completely removed

Furthermore, I’m still unable to add row content controls in OnlyOffice, both through code and through the UI. Happens on 7.3.3 and 7.2.2.

Here’s an example file (even though one can easily reproduce it, following the steps above)

Hello @fr3fou
Thank you for detailed description and the file, we are checking the situation.

Hello @fr3fou
Thank you for detailed information. We found a known bug in described scenario. We’re working on it already. Thank you for provided data!

I am not sure if it is related but for me content control fields are not showing up in the only office if there is “no placeholder” text defined.

Hi @Alexandre - is there any way that we can track when the bug will be resolved? May be any ticket number or link to jira if you have one?

We’ll update this thread when the fix is released.

Hello @Omer
If you can provide us with test file and detailed description, it would be appreciated. We’ll check out the situation, if it’s the same bug.

Hello, is there any update on the bug?

Hello @kateellycott

No news yet. We will update the thread once there are any.

Any update on this @Alexandre

Hello @agamdev
Sorry, we are still working on the mentioned situation. We will update this thread when we have something to share.