Document editing heavy lag issues

Document Server version: How to get that?
Type of installation of the Document Server: docker
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Browser version: Chrome Version 95.0.4638.69 (Official Build) (64-bit)


since some days, we are experiencing heavy lag issues when editing documents over the OnlyOffice document editor (community version).

The lag appears does NOT appear immediately but after around ~1min when writing text non-stop.

The problem occurs only on Chrome, not Firefox. The issue occurred already on more than one machine and is not dependent on a specific document.

Please provide some information about this issue, thanks!

Christian Gruber

You can find the document server version by opening the editor and clicking the About button on the left toolbar.
As for the issue, it is a bug in Chrome itself. We have tested it in the beta build of Chrome (96) and the issue is resolved there. So for now you can either use non-Chromium based browsers or install other Chrome versions (previous or 96 beta).