Document Collections

It would be amazing if you could create a document type which just contains a collection of document locations, and when a user double clicks on that file, all the documents contained in the file open up. Perhaps the program could contain a menu option for saving and/or editing a collection, so once a user has various options open, this file can be created and all they would have to do is name and chose where to save the OnlyOffice collection file.

It might also be nice to have the option to save the current collection of documents every time you exit the program so you can pick up where you left off, perhaps being able to automatically open them all the next time you use the program.

My use case: I have a huge project and every time I open the software, I then have to open the same 11 documents every time. Each document is part of the project, and I am always going to open those 11 every time. It would be nice to save that as a collection, put a link to that collection file (or the file itself) on my desktop, and just double-click that single file to open OnlyOffice and have all 11 documents open in the right order.

I have not tried to write a script that would open them all, but most users aren’t going to want to write their own scripts anyway I assume. (Well, maybe the Linux users…)

Hello @Scott

First of all, I’d ask you to specify the product to which this suggestion is related.

As for the suggestion itself: I don’t quite follow the idea of new document type. What is the point of that? In general, I think there is a simple workaround for this: you can create a folder named after your project, put original files there or shortcuts of files in case original documents must be located in separate destinations, then when you enter the folder press CTRL+A to select all those files/shortcuts and then Enter to open all of them at once if you are using Desktop Editors.

We would consider such suggestion if you can provide some more details about it or, for example, share information about similar feature in other programs for the reference.

I don’t think this is specific to one type of document, so collecting any types of documents works. If it can be opened by OpenOffice, it can be linked to in the collection.

Microsoft Office used to do this with “Binders”, although you could keep an embedded copy of the document there so that they could also be mailed as a group.

Stardock sells a program called Groupy which lets you take single document interface programs like Word and Excel, etc, and give them tabs and save the tab groups. It also lets you save that group to a .groupy file and place a link to it anywhere. I can double click a single link and everything opens. But they don’t sell it for linux and have switched to the evil yearly subscription model.

I appreciate that people there are reading the suggestions, but it really doesn’t seem that the “you can do it in a more complex way so who would want an easy way” approach is a good plan.

Described app does not seem to be directly related to the functionality of any document processing application, e.g. ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors, MS Office, LibreOffice, etc. I see the purpose as: it is capable of pinning several programs/files as one icon, i.e. shortcut, that simply launches those respective apps when double-clicked, is that correct?

From that perspective, I don’t quite understand how this “grouping” feature can be related to the editors functionality, thus asked about similar features in other programs, however, it is my bad that I didn’t mention what kind of programs - I meant any other document editing program like MS Office, LibreOffice, etc.

So if I get correctly the idea from your original message - you wanted to open a batch of documents at the same time in Desktop Editors. The thing is that I am not sure about is that whether such operations should be performed on editors side rather than file explorer of your OS with or without help from third party apps.