Document - After pasting text longer than a line, keyboard selection is not working as expected,

Here is a one quite hard to get.

Context : copying/pasting text to replace some existing text. Using keybord for text selection.

  • mouse / select a text long enough to induce a line return where it will be pasted
  • CTRL X
  • mouse / click where the text must be pasted (at the beginning of a line)
  • CTRL V
  • use the downward arrow of the keyboard + “SHIFT” to select the text after the pasted one
    BUG : see the video to see the one-line shift between the selection and what should be selected.

the file
MHF - P5-S5 - Atelier 3 CM1.docx (68.4 KB)

Thank you for the attached document and video recording. You’re awesome! :raised_hands:

I have good news!
In version 8.1.0, this issue will be fixed.

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I’m glad to ear news from 8.1, looking forward to get it !

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