DocSpace user invitation issues

Good day.

Package: DocSpace
OS: Ubunty Server x86-64

Good day.

Product: DocSpace
OS: Linux Ubunty x86-64

After successful compilation of DocSpace Community version, I started all the needed backend docker containers, Client package, Login package and Editor packages with no issues.

I’ve logged into the app and see the interface working as expected.

Issues arise when I try to invite a user. System says user is invited, and there are no errors in the console or anywhere else. But invitations never arrive.

How can I fix this issue?

Can somebody recommend why this would be happening? Front-end shows no errors and shows a green toast that says invitation was sent, but it never arrives. Where can I look for the issue?


Is the onlyoffice-notify container running?

root@ubuntuserver:/etc/postfix# docker ps|grep notify
2fb56bc3e458 onlyoffice/4testing-docspace-dotnet-runtime:v1.0.0 “python3 docker-entr…” 8 hours ago Up 45 minutes (healthy) 5050/tcp onlyoffice-studio-notify

On my system after manual compilation ( the following are not running:

Looks like does not start those up. do I have to manually turn those on?

Is this a bug on DocSpace side, or am I doing something wrong?

There is one problem
I don’t know how you built DocSpace

I suggest waiting for official instructions.
Let me remind you that the DocSpace installation for docker is still available in the 1-click install for Docker

Here is how I compile it from source step by step, maybe devs can point out my mistake:

  1. install Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 x86_64
  2. install yarn >=3
  3. install dotnet sdk 7.0
  4. install docker + docker-compose
  5. install latest nvm and node 18
  6. mkdir -p /app/onlyoffice
  7. git clone --recurse-submodules -b master /app/onlyoffice/src
  8. modify /app/onlyoffice/src/build/
    add “-sp /app/onlyoffice/src” to command
  9. go into a build folder and replace “documentserver-de” to “documentserver” in .sh files so community version is compiled instead of development version
  10. modify /app/onlyoffice/src/build/install/docker/.env and set
  11. modify /app/onlyoffice/src/build/ and change the local_ip like to point to my ip:
  12. modify /app/onlyoffice/src/build/start/ and change the local_ip like to point to my ip:
  13. /app/onlyoffice/src/build/
  14. /app/onlyoffice/src/build/
  15. cd /app/onlyoffice/src && yarn build
  16. cd packages/client && yarn start-prod &
  17. cd …/login && yarn start-prod &
  18. cd …/editor && yarn start-prod &

After this everything works, but notifications / invitations to user do not due to the fact that onlyoffice-notify docker container is not running. Here is what is running after my commands:

After your tips above, I noticed that build/install/docker/docspace.overcome.yml has no entry for onlyoffice-notify container.
I’ve manually added the entry here:

Basically a copy of “onlyoffice-studio-notify”, with “Studio.Notify” replaced with “Notify”.
After this nodification, onlyoffice-notify container starts up.

But things are still not working due to the fact that onlyoffice-notify stuck in restart loop.

Now im totally stuck. Can you suggest how to fix this?

I managed to fix everything my modifying “volumes” at the end of build/install/docker/docspace.profiles.yml to:


Now everything works!

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