DocServer, Enterprise License, Webapp, no plugins in browser app

Document Server version:
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe) exe
OS: win 2019 server
Browser version: Chrome

Suddenly the menu “Plug-in” disappeared from the browser. Desktop version works fine. Can someone give me advice on what’s wrong. /No update/upgrade gone lately. Restarted the server several times - everything is fine. All plug-ins in the right place/
Please, help me

Textdokument.docx - REKO BIOENERGIE GMBH 2022-03-24 12-31-42

Hello @Prof_h_c_K_Krause
Is issue reproducible in different browsers? Did you try to clean browser cache?

Dear Alexandre! My problem was solved 5 minutes ago: I deleted browser data and also all cookies. It works again! Everything OK.
Thanks very much!

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