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Document Server version: latest
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe, please point us to the installation guide that you used as well): docker
OS: Ubuntu 22.04
Browser version: All browsers
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We migrated and upgraded document server enterprise container from one host to another, on the new host (same onlyoffice license) it returns “license has expired”. I mapped correctly the volume in which the .lic file reside

What can i do?

Hi @Nitrous233 :wave:

We noticed your ticket in Zendesk.

Please note that the license is yours for a lifetime.

However, updates are only available for the first year

For example, if your update subscription ended on March 15, 2024, you should use the latest version released before that date.

But if you intend to use the latest update of our product, I suggest buying a new license from this page .

Thank you Nikolas!

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