Docs Docker version

Hey dear support team,
I have installed Onlyoffice docs (Docker) on ubuntu os and trying to change the welcome screen (“test example”) with a Secret key into a User password login screen (production area). please assist.
looked for a Doc how to do so and didn’t find.
Document Server version: community
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, ubuntu)

No one? :pray:t3: do I need to install other version ?

Hello @Inewthinker,

I’m not quite sure I’ve understood you correctly. Do you want to replace the default ‘welcome’ page of the Document Server with some custom login page where a user needs to enter some authentication data (username+password)? If that’s what you mean then there is no such possibility. Moreover, the embedded example is in no way a ‘production area’. It’s just a basic level integration example where you can test the editors before integrating it with some document management platform.

Perhaps you would want to install ONLYOFFICE Workspace instead of ONLYOFFICE Docs? Workspace is a collaboration platform with embedded editors.

I will try it
Thanks for your help