Docs are empty after download from hosted Nextcloud

Hi guys,

I’m using a hosted Nextcloud from Hetzner.
The current version of OnlyOffice and Nextcloud is installed.
When I’m trying to download a file as a pdf the file has no entrys, its complete blank.

Do you have any adviceses for me?

Best regards

Hello Sebastian,

Please specify the following information:

  1. Versions numbers of Nextcloud, Document Server and ONLYOFFICE connector app.
  2. Does the issue occur with some particular file? Please provide an example file.
  3. Make a screenshot of the connector settings page. Also click on ‘save’ on the connector settings page and make a screenshot if any error appears.

Hi Carl,
thanks for your answer.

OnlyOffice Version 7.5.4
Community Document Server 0.1.12
Nextcloud Version 24.0.5

2.) The problem happens withy any type of file

3.) Where can i find the connector settings page?

Community Document Server app wasn’t developed by us and we cannot troubleshoot it.
Please see this: Community Document Server app in Nextcloud 18 - #4
Please install a separate Document Server instance so we are able to assist you.