Discrepancy in page count and inconsistent formatting when opening documents online in OnlyOffice

Document Server version: Community Edition 8.0.1
Operating System: Windows 10 (version 10.0.19045)
WPS Office version:

Description: When opening the same document in OnlyOffice Document Server version and the local WPS Office version, there is always a discrepancy in the page count. Specifically, the page count in OnlyOffice is consistently one or several pages fewer than in WPS Office. What could be causing this issue? Is it due to incompatible rendering modes between the two different software, or is there something else affecting line spacing?


  1. Inconsistent page count

  2. Misalignment of page numbering settings on each page
    the page number always show the wrong number with “1”

  3. Inconsistent word count statistics

Hello! Thank you for sharing and we are welcoming you with your first post here :slight_smile:
When speaking about discrepancies with number of pages and word counts, does this happen with all the documents you’ve checked or just particular ones? Have you also checked the same with MS Word, for instance? If it’s possible to share a particular file you used in your tests, please do.

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Hello, have you received my email reply? Unfortunately, this forum does not support new users uploading test documents.

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Hello @gan
Sorry, I don’t see letters from you. As for file uploading, please place necessary files to external storage and provide us with a download link.

Ok, there are obviously two issues here:

  1. Line spacing problem: OnlyOffice clearly reduces line spacing on the scene, resulting in inconsistent preview effects with WPS. This phenomenon leads to either fewer pages or inconsistent content on the last page.

  2. Page number problem: Page numbers display as ‘1’ after exceeding 10.

Below is the test document in my Google Drive. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything else.


Thank you

Hi @Alexandre @George
test documentation is already available here,hope is helps

Hello @gan
Thank you for the files! We are checking the situation.

Hello @gan
Thank you for the provided data one more time! We have added bugs on the mentioned behavior to internal tracksystem. We have started working on it.

@Alexandre Okay,Thanks a lot!