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Disable OnlyOffice chat on publicly shared docs with Nextcloud?

Document Server version: 7.1.1
Connector version: 7.5.4
OS: Amazon Linux 2
Nextcloud Version: 24.0.3

I’m using Nextcloud to share documents with clients, using the share link option. I want people to be able to preview the documents using OnlyOffice, but I do not want them to be able to edit them, leave comments or chat with other people viewing the documents.

It was easy to solve the first two, but for every document I share, Onlyoffice still allows people to chat! There must be some way to turn this off. Honestly, if I have to turn it off for the whole server and not even be able to use it internally, I will. I just can’t figure out how to disable chat on documents I share.

Is there a per document want to do this? Or, if not, how do I disable this functionality everywhere?

Thank you!

Hello @natezp ,
You can go to ONLYOFFICE connector settings page in your Nextcloud settings, scroll down to the “Editor customization settings”, uncheck “Display Chat menu button” and press the “Save” button.