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Disable endless rows and columns


For the love of all that is digital, how do I make ONLYOFFICE stop creating endless rows and columns as I scroll the spreadsheet? I want to have a max number of rows and a max number of columns, if I need more I can create more, endlessly adding more as I scroll as default is a huge troll, please help.

Thank you.

Hello @extremelysadcustomer
Please clarify your request. For example, point us to a similar feature in other editors.

I’m not sure that I understand it correctly. There’re no endless rows\columns creation. There is limit for 1 048 576 rows and 16 384 columns.

Hi Alexandre, thanks for the response!

There are no parallels that I can remember, no other software does this as far as I can tell hence how difficult it is to explain.

Create a new google sheet, scroll as far down as you can, usually that is row number 1000, select rows from 13 to 1000, delete them, now the page does not scroll down anymore, it has only 12 rows in height.

Create a new ONLYOFFICE sheet, scroll as far down as you can, 3 days later you’re still scrolling down, it doesn’t have and "end’, it does not allow me to “delete” the extra rows to make the page only 12 rows in height.

This is bad because I am constantly over scrolling, having to scroll back to the content, over scrolling, having to scroll back to the content, over scrolling having to scroll back to the content.

I hope this makes sense, I am feeling like a lunatic for being the single person in the entire internet to have such problems with this (I searched for this relentlessly before this post), maybe I am the oldest person on the internet using ONLYOFFICE and ya’ll young folks have extra steady scrolling hands ¯_(シ)_/¯

Thanks, have a good weekend!

Hi @extremelysadcustomer,
it is exactly as Alexandre has said. The only exception is google sheet, which shows you first of all only 1.000 rows when you create a new sheet.
At the bottom of the sheet there is a box where you can add 1.000 additional rows and so on.
Screenshot 2022-03-09 060602

Excel behaves exactly like Onlyoffice and lets you scroll to the final row
Screenshot 2022-03-09 061255

Have a nice day!

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Ouch, all right, thanks for confirming that is not a something that can be set in the configuration. In any case there is probably no demand for a feature like this so thanks for clarifying.

Have a good one!