Disable Auto Correction Mode by default


is it possible to disable the auto correction mode by default on server side?



Hello @Volker

Do you mean disabling spellchecker or AutoCorrect feature?

For spellcheck you set it to off via initialization config:

Hi @Constantine ,

thanks for your repley. I ment the AutoCorrect feature. I didn’t find a chance to disabe it on server side by a config file or by an API call.



I’m afraid there is no way to disable AutoCorrect. May I know what is the reason behind disabling it? We may consider registering an enhancement so implement such possibility.

Ok, thank’s for your repley. We are using the OnlyOffice Document Server for editing highly specialized documents. Therefore, we don’t want any automatic substitions or auto correct features. We also don’t want the user to disable it by his own.
We would love to have an option to disable the AutoCorrect feature by default.

Thank you. We will discuss your suggestion internally and I will provide a feedback.

I’d like to inform you that we have registered an enhancement suggestion to add possibility to disable AutoCorrection via config or API. Thanks for sharing such idea.


Is there any update on this feature? We are experiencing the same issue as Volker and would like to know if there have been any changes in this regard.

Thank you!

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Hello @Tornike

No news yet, sorry.