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Disable 2FA

Hi. I have an account with OnlyOffice. I am unable to access my account because my phone was water damaged and I use a non-cloud based Authenticator App. Is it at all possible to disable 2FA so I can login?

Note I am the only one on the account.

Hey @amanajosh
In the profile settings, there should be 5 backup codes in case you lose your authenticator.
If cookies are saved in any browser, you can reset the authenticator.

DM me your portal address.
Let’s see what we can do about it.

I was stupid enough not to obtain the backup codes so you may need to help me disable 2FA.

Not sure what the portal address is. Um there’s this:

Or this?

Right) I mean you url portal addres
I am dealing with your problem.

2FA has been disabled. Please check the login possibility.

Hi @amanajosh

Please clarify if there is still a problem?

Sorry. All good. Logged In

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So, let’s summarize.

If you have lost your authenticator:

  1. If you’re still logged to the portal, you can reset the authenticator in the profile settings.
  2. Ask the owner or administrator to reset the authenticator for you.

[Next part for Workspace Cloud]

  1. If you are the only owner on the portal and no administrators have been added, please follow these steps to verify that the portal really belongs to you:
    3.1 Write the URL address of your portal.
    3.2 Write the active email of the portal owner, to which you can write to verify that this email really belongs to you.

(You can write here or to the email