"Different First Page" option independently for header and footer

Hello, I would like to use the “Different First Page” option for the header only. But when I try to apply it, it also removes the page numbering from the first page, which I do not want.

MS Word allows setting this parameter independently for header and footer. Is it possible to do the same in OnlyOffice, or add this feature in future versions?

I figured out an alternate. I just need to manually insert the necessary elements on the first page of every section. Tedious, but perfectly doable.

But now I cannot figure out how to add styleref.

Hello @subhasiscgr

Its good to know that you’ve found alternative solution. As for the “styleref”: do you mean a field code?

By styleref, I mean the ability to insert the chapter name (Heading), date, author etc. I wanted to add the current chapter name in the header. It can be done manually with a bit of help from section breaks though, but it is tedious when handling a lot of documents.

I read in another thread that the devs are considering adding styleref. Hopefully it will be added soon enough.

Can you please provide a link to this post?