Dev help: increasing request timeouts in OnlyOffice Document Server

I’d like to increase the request timeouts in OnlyOffice Document Server so I can step through the code with a debugger without running into timeout errors. I’ve fiddled with settings in the default.json file, but there are a LOT of values. Could someone recommend which values to change (for the server instance, RabbitMQ, and other elements that make requests)?

Unfortunately we don’t have any public documentation on default.json. Could you provide any examples of the errors you get?

Hey, Carl - the errors I’m talking about are things like ETIMEDOUT. It looks like these can be prevented by increasing the values of the various connectionAndInactivity and wholeCycle parameters in the configuration files.* This way, the requests don’t timeout when I’m stepping through with a debugger.

I can’t quite figure out how to increase the timeouts for RabbitMQ, though. I managed to get my project working, but if you have any thoughts, that would be helpful for future development.

*Of course, it is best do do this in local.json instead of directly modifying default.json, but this is a development system, so I’m not really concerned.