DesktopEditor closes when multiple instances opened from the command line

When DesktopEditor is in window mode (advanced settings > open file > in its own window) I have a problem trying to open multiple instances from the command line. The commands “openoffice-desktopeditors --new:word/slide/presentation/form” or "openoffice-desktopeditors “PATH” will open a single instance of the desktopeditor but when one of these commands are tried a second time then both instances close. However, if an instance of openoffice-desktopeditor is opened, and then you move to the welcome screen, then new instances don’t crash (even if you close the welcome screen after opening a second instance). Is this the intended functionality or a bug?

I would like to be able to open mutliple instances from the command line and not have to navigate to the welcome screen to prevent windows from automatically closing. Is this possible?

OS version: Arch linux
App version:
Downloaded from: AUR

Hello @kvnduff
We are checking the situation. I will update this post, when I get any news.

Thank you for pointing us to this situation. We added a bug to our internal tracklist (internal number - 55195). We have started working on it.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Yes this is quite annoying and totally counterintuitive, since you open one document via double click and as soon as you try to open a second one, both close :frowning:

I hope you get this fixed in one of the next releases, because there is a good chance of data loss if you haven’t saved the first document, when it’s force closed by opening another …!

Great to see that this has been fixed in 7.0.1-37 release for Linux. Thank your very much.

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