Desktop view in Mobile by default

Hi, we use OnlyOffice. And we use API to set mode on viewer.

If mobile we send “type: ‘mobile’” and if desktop, we send desktop.
But sometimes the mobile view is very bad.

Like we have a toggle button in mobile view to show desktop view. I ask me if they are not a parameter to send in API to set by default the desktop view on mobile. And if click on toggle, back to mobile view ?

CleanShot 2023-11-10 at 15.24.51

Thanks by advance

hey @Bob1

Do you mean using the Standard view by default when opening on mobile devices, or is it the opening in the full-size editor window (Desktop view)?

Hi Nikolas ! Thanks

On mobile / tablet i want to show standard view (like your 2nd capture). And have possibility to toggle to mobile view (like your 3rd capture) if users want to do it.

I wich to keep the desktop view only for my desktop users

hey @Bob1

Oh, as far as I know, it’s not implemented yet…
It’s planned to be introduced in version 7.6.x.