Desktop Layout on Mobile (iOS) Devices


We use the document api to integrate the Only Office Editor Suite into our software.

We noticed a somewhat unexpected behaviour and wanted to find out whether this is intented. We’re using the Version 7.0

When integrating, we noticed that you can choose 3 different “types”:
“desktop”, “mobile” or “embedded”

We’re having trouble with the desktop mode on iOS devices.

We noticed the following behaviour:

When setting the type to “desktop”:
Windows: Shows as desktop
Android: Shows as desktop
iOS: Shows as mobile

When setting the type to “mobile”:
All platforms: Shows as mobile

Is there any particular reason that it’s impossible to enforce the desktop layout on iOS devices? Especially on (large) iPads it could make quite sense to use the desktop layout.

Best Regards

Hello Torsten.
We are checking the situation. I will update this post when I get any news.

We checked the situation. Previously, this function worked, but was disabled due to a bug (42494 – incorrect work of mentioned desktop mode via iOS touchscreen). We have decided to disable this mode for iOS devices while we are working on this bug. We will enable this mode when we are ready to release a fix.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Thanks for the feedback!

Will there be any news on this thread as soon as a bugfix is released or will there be information in the release log to find out when it is fixed? Thanks!

I will update this thread when we release a fix. Also you can check mentioned bug number (42494) in the changelog when new releases are placed:
If you see a mention about this bug, then a fix is released as a part of new version of Document server.

Hi @Alexandre
any news?

Hello @privnote42
Sorry, no news for this bug ( 42494). We are still working on it.

Hi @Alexandre ,
still no news? :frowning:

Hello @privnote42
Please accept our sincere apologies for the length of situation. We are still working on it. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Could you please give a update on this bug? Users really wanted this to be solved.

Hello @vanBERNARD1
We’re still working on it. We will immediately update this thread when we have any news on mentioned bug.

Hello @vanBERNARD1, @privnote42 and @simon-edu-sharing
We have released Document server v.7.5. The desktop layout for mentioned scenario in this thread is now enabled.