Deleting text in table cells shouldn't affect table structure

When I insert or delete table columns (in Docs, not Spreadsheets) and then want to move the column headers (titles) as a unit horizontally (left or right) to match the changes, the table structure is affected if more than one header is cut or deleted.

How can I prevent that from happening so that just the text is moved (i.e., multiple column headers moved as a unit) but the table structure isn’t affected?


Hello @mk7z

Can you record a video demonstration of the described process for better visual understanding?
Also, what is the correct behavior in your opinion?

Hi @Constantine, yes I have to get to those darn videos, I know.

Personally, I don’t like videos (for demo’ing issues, problems, etc.) because I can never see what they’re trying to show. Unlike a series of step-by-step photographs, they can’t be zoomed or enlarged, so everything is always tiny. And the actions taken are almost always too fast. So, fast & tiny.

The correct behavior is for the text to be moved over without the table structure being affected. That is what usually happens in my experience; for example in Google Docs, which, however, lacks advanced table features.

There are normally two different ways of ‘selecting’ in tables: (1) just the text in the cells, or (2) cells, rows or columns (or the entire table). If you are just doing a normal text selection (e.g., of the header titles in three horizontal cells) to move the titles left one column (as a group), it shouldn’t affect the table itself. I so far don’t see a way to do that in OnlyOffice. When I try to move the text, the row structure goes out of sync with what it is in the rest of the table.

You can provide step-by-step scenario on how to reproduce the behavior that you are describing with screenshots.