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Deleting a group (or changing its name)


In the “people” module I created a group that on 2nd thought isn’t the best name for the group. Can I rename a group, or eventually delete it?

I asked the same question at the helpdesk, and received the following answer:
In order to rename a group you need to:

  1. choose the necessary group from the list of your groups
  2. click the action icon to the right of the Group name
  3. Choose “Edit group” from the drop down list
  4. Change the Title of the group
  5. Push “Edit” button

Unfortunately, In my version (OnlyOffice cloud) there doesn’t seem to be an arrow next to the group name (see screenshot). Perhaps, I am not looking in the right place?



Hello @grsjst

This button is located to the right of the group name.

Thanks much Kate! I’ll polish my glasses :wink: