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Deletes 3+ hours of work to display an error

I had been working on my work for a few hours and decided to put my laptop down to focus on something else, upon opening the document again it decided to delete all of my work to replace it with an error message. If i try to open the document again I get the error message, the only way to recover this was to go back to an older version of the document. This isn’t something that should be allowed, fix it.

Hello @Raven12

Please provide more details about this situation. First of all, initial information about your environment:

  • version of Document Server;
  • installation type of Document Server (Docker, DEB/RPM, exe);
  • which which document storage Document Server is integrated.

Additionally, please elaborate on these statements:

What do you mean by put my laptop down in this context? What kind of error did you see after returning back to the document? Was your content inside the document replaced with a text of an error?

Is it possible to share a screenshot of the error? It’d be nice of you to share the document itself for analysis if it is possible.

If your document contains any sensitive data, you can send it via PM for safety.

By put my laptop down I mean that I was away from my laptop, my laptop was on and had the docs open but I wasn’t using it at that time. This means that the document does often change versions and need to be reloaded.

The error I saw upon my return was a 504 Bad Gateway. Unfortunately I am unable to show you a screenshot of the error as I don’t have one. I had tried to return to my documents version history but I can’t find it anymore.

But as I had said upon my return in big text was the words 504 Bad Gateway, no other sites had shown such so this may be a problem from your sites end.

Please provide asked information:

Also, share the logs of Document Server for analysis, they are located:

  • On Windows in C:\Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\Log;
  • On Linux /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/ (same path inside Docker container).

So it was collaborative editing with several other users, is that correct? Did any of them also experience the same issue?