Delete Current Document page

How can I create a plugin to delete the current page from a Word document?

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So, basic information on macros and plugins:

Also in this section you can find working examples of plugins and macros.

The structure of the text document is described here:

What do you mean by ‘current page’ in the document editor?
Blank page or page with content?

I want to delete the page currently pointed to by my cursor, and I wish for both the page and its contents to be deleted.

Also, could you tell me how I can create a plugin to apply my custom style to a portion of a paragraph or text selected by the user?

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Any Updates on Delete page with content?

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I’ll take a look now

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unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to use something like Page1.Delete().

Can you provide an analogue of the VBA script, if you have one?

I don’t have a VBA script for this, but I am using the code below to add a new page in the document. If you manage to delete the current section’s contents and then remove the section break, I think it will work. i tried to do this but unable to found any method on section to delete contents or delete current section completly.

var oDocument = Api.GetDocument();

var oParagraph = Api.CreateParagraph();


// oParagraph.AddPageBreak();

var oSection = oDocument.CreateSection(oParagraph);



var oNextSection = oSection.GetNext();

var nWidth = 8.5 * 1440; // 12240 twips

var nHeight = 11 * 1440; // 15840 twips

var isPortrait = true;

oNextSection.SetPageSize(nWidth, nHeight, isPortrait);

var topMarginCm = 1.2;

var bottomMarginCm = 1.2;

var leftMarginCm = 1.5;

var rightMarginCm = 1.5;

var topMarginTwips = topMarginCm * 566.929134;

var bottomMarginTwips = bottomMarginCm * 566.929134;

var leftMarginTwips = leftMarginCm * 566.929134;

var rightMarginTwips = rightMarginCm * 566.929134;

oNextSection.SetPageMargins(leftMarginTwips, topMarginTwips, rightMarginTwips, bottomMarginTwips);

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Any updates on this?

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We are taking closer look at your scenario. I will update the thread once any news come up.