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Decimal separator not working

ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents (spreadsheet)
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On the iOS app, if you use a coma “,” instead of the “.” formula do not work
example : in A2 input 2,2 in B2 input = A2+1 you should have error #VALUE
in A2 input 2.2 in B2 input = A2+1 you should have 3.2
Device: ipad
OS version: 16.4.1
App version:
Mode: On Device

Hi @iraza

It depends on the settings of the region you are using.
And specifically from the decimal separator
You can change this parameter in the browser settings
File > Advanced Settings > Regional Settings > Decimal Separator.

mobileApp: jpg > Language and Region >off Set Automatically > Select region or Set special separator > Decimal Separator.