Debian+Onlyoffice: Presenter view is on the wrong monitor


System Info:

(I tried using Fedora 35 too)

OnlyOffice Version: 6.4.2

We have an external monitor (extended display mode) connected to our all-in-one pc via HDMI.

When I start presenting my powerpoint presentation using “presenter view” mode the presentation and the presenter view window are placed on the wrong monitors.

I see my presentation on my all-in-one PC monitor and the presenter view window on the external monitor.

I tried changing “primary\secondary” monitor settings and it didn’t help.

Is there any way to fix it?


Hello Semel.
We know about this issue (internal number - 39337) and we are working on it. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of this feature (adding possibility of monitor switch) release at the moment.