Day to Day currency fx rate formula in spreadsheet editor

Hi there,

I am new with only office and I am struggling to add a automatic currency conversion into the only office spreadsheet editor.
Could you help me with the correct formula?

I am usually using google sheets (making a move towards only office) and the formula that works is: x*(GOOGLEFINANCE(“CURRENCY:CHFEUR”))

Someone know how to do it?

Many thanks,


Hello, @freddyfpteam

Unfortunately, the functionality you want to use is not available in the form of a formula.
We have the enhancement suggestion number 50395 registered in our internal tracker to add such functionality in future releases. However, we do not have any estimated time frames of the release available yet.

Currently, as a workaround, you can check out an example plugin cbr.
(Connects Fixer API for inserting the current and historical foreign exchange (forex) rates into the document)

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Thanks Nicolas will check this out