Dateigröße / Filesize Server (Excel 24 MB) in different folders

How to solve this failure?

It works in some folders but for example it doesnt work in new folders.

Hello @mediabw,

To find suitable file size value you have to download your .xlsx file and change its file extension to .zip and unzip it. The folders size will be the size of the uncompressed file in the Document Server. To increase the uncompressed file size you have to find next config located in /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json
In the config file find “FileConverter” section and "“inputLimits” subsection where next string defines the size of the compressed file that can be opened by Document Server:

"type": "xlsx;xltx;xlsm;xltm",
                                "zip": {
                                        "uncompressed": "300MB",
                                        "template": "*.xml"

Change the “uncompressed” field with suitable value and save the changes.
Execute supervisorctl restart all to restart all services.
After you changed the size of file you will have to open it with new document.key or simply reupload file to the storage.